THE SNP are urging the UK Government to U-turn on its decision not to invest in a Scottish carbon capture project.

Party members at the SNP conference passed a resolution calling the UK Government’s failure to support the Scottish Cluster of proposed carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) projects an illustration of its lack of ambition and commitment to communities in the North East of Scotland, many of whom are employed in the North Sea energy sector.

As Scotland, the UK and countries around the world make the transition to net-zero emissions, there is a focus on transitioning the tens of thousands of jobs in this sector to renewables.

The projects in the Scottish Cluster could support an average of 15,100 jobs between 2022 and 2050, with a peak of 20,600 jobs in 2031. 

SNP politicians and businesses across the region have been calling for the Tory government to change its widely criticised decision which the SNP say compromises Scotland’s ability to take crucial near-term action to reduce emissions.

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The SNP's Gillian Martin, Aberdeenshire East MSP, told Scottish Tories to stop "sitting on their hands" and stand up to Boris Johnson over the snub.

Martin said: “Since 2015, the Conservatives have cut £1billion of funding for a carbon capture scheme at Peterhead, failed to match the Scottish Government’s £500 million investment in a just transition and failed to invest in the Scottish cluster.

“On top of this, the UK Government is also refusing to commit to delivering ring-fenced investment for tidal stream energy which is a world-leading industry based in Scotland and another way we can help unlock the sector so it can achieve its full potential.

“All the Tories talk of supporting a Just Transition for the energy sector is nothing more than hot air. If they want to regain a shred of credibility then they need to stand up for the North East and urge Boris Johnson to start supporting those currently employed in oil and gas into green alternatives.

“It’s time for the Scottish Tories to stop sitting on their hands and dodging any responsibility for their government’s betrayal of the North East.

“Whilst the SNP government is committed to supporting the North East of Scotland and is determined to secure a just transition for the region and its workers, it's clear the Tories just want to bleed the North East dry as they have done for decades and then leave the region on the scrap heap.”