ANAS Sarwar's relaunch of "Green Labour" just over a week ago has been called into question after he met with oil and gas lobbyists.

The Scottish Labour leader announced last Friday (November 19) that the party was "relaunching Green Labour".

He said at the time that people should join them in their campaign to "demand governments turn their words into action so we can save our planet".

Campaigners and Green politicians have called out the ambitions of Labour as they were pictured meeting with Oil and Gas UK (OGUK), a trade body for the offshore oil and gas industry.

OGUK tweeted a picture of Sarwar and Scottish Labour MSP Michael Marra at their offices, saying they discussed "the oil & gas industry’s central role in Scotland’s energy mix & as major employer across our energy communities".

StopCambo, the group campaigning against the development of the Cambo oil field, was disappointed to see the meeting.

They tweeted: "Expected a lot more from @AnasSarwar @michaeljmarra @ScottishLabour

"@OGUKenergy  is actively defending Cambo & dozens of new offshore oil & gas projects. Their position dangerously ignores climate science.

"Each new project is incompatible with climate action & a #JustTransition."

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Scottish Labour has previously come out against Cambo, an oil field located to the northwest of Shetland that has not yet been developed.

However, it was from the party's now-former net zero, energy and transport spokesperson, Monica Lennon.

Lennon called on First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to publically oppose Cambo, which she has since said should not get the green light from Boris Johnson's government, which has the ability to give it the go-ahead. 

Lorna Slater, Scottish Greens co-leader and Minister for Green Skills, Circular Economy and Biodiversity, replied to Sarwar's Green Labour tweet saying: "Not going very well though is it?"

She then pointed out Labour's previous opposition to Cambo in Holyrood, adding "how times change".

Marra, Scottish Labour's shadow education and skills secretary, later clarified details of the discussion, tweeting: "Good meeting with [OGUK] yesterday talking net zero, jobs first transition, grid capacity, carbon capture, household energy bills, radical demand reduction, skills, research and more. Transition is no 1 economic issue for Scotland."

He then responded to Slater, tweeting: "This industry employs 75,000 people in Scotland. It is crucial to our tax base, energy security, supply chains and vital to our transition to net zero.

"Nationalist gov ministers think nobody should speak to the industry? Extraordinary. No wonder they can’t achieve anything."

OGUK has been contacted for comment.