SCOTTISH Labour MSP Monica Lennon has announced that she has stepped down from her role as the party's net zero, energy and transport spokesperson.

Lennon took on the role in June of this year after previously being the spokesperson for economy jobs and fair work.

In a tweet, Lennon said: "I have stepped down as Net Zero, Energy and Transport spokesperson. It has been a privilege to serve Scottish Labour in spokesperson roles since 2016. I am grateful to Anas for the opportunity. I will continue to work hard as a @ScottishLabour @ScotCoopParty Central Scotland MSP."

Anas Sarwar responded to Lennon, tweeting: "Thank you Monica for all your hard work for our party in multiple senior roles. Yesterday marked a year since your historic Period Poverty Bill.  

"You will always be welcome back in my senior team. I know you will continue to be a powerful Labour voice in Parliament."

Lennon has been a Scottish Labour MSP for Central Scotland since 2016 and intriduced a bill to tackle period poverty in 2019 that was approved in November 2020.The legislation means that free period products are available for all who need them in Scotland.

She has also previously said that she would not oppose a second referendum on Scottish independence but would campaign for a "Devo Max" option.