A NEW study has revealed Scotland has some of the “weirdest” Airbnbs in the world.

Confused.com compiled some of the strangest locations listed to find out how much they would cost in comparison to similar properties in the area, as well as looking into what features they have to offer.

One of the Airbnbs featured in the study is Pilot House, situated in the Highlands. The one-bed aluminium structure was built to resemble a Conning Tower on a submarine, with 360-degree views over the balcony. For £160 a night, the property costs 25.24% less than other properties in the area.

The National: Scots Airbnbs feature in ‘weirdest’ list

Drimnin’s Airship is also on the list – the “quirky” sustainable getaway costs £160 a night.

Venturing out of Scotland, the top spot has been awarded to the Bubble Suite in Mexico.

At £174 a night, the fancy version of glamping is situated in Mexico’s famous wine country and is actually one of a whole range of bubble buildings. It costs 167% more than other two-bedroom rentals in the area.

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Taking the title of second-weirdest is the Dreamy Tropical House in Hawaii – an adult-sized treehouse with a 360-degree view of a tropical jungle.

The secluded spot will set you back £217 a night, which is only £34 more expensive than typical Airbnbs in the local area.

Of all the Airbnbs analysed, Treehouse Blue Mountains in Australia was the most costly. Staying at this property costs a whopping £1272.48 a night – a staggering 613% above the average in the area.

Sharma Springs is the second most expensive property on the list. Costing £750 a night, the half villa, half treehouse in Bali offers a once in a lifetime experience to relax and have fun up within the leaves.