DAVID Tennant has been named as viewers’ all-time favourite Doctor Who.

The Scot, who was the 10th actor to take on the role, has topped the charts in a new research paper.

The report has been released to coincide with Doctor Who Day – marking the date the sci-fi hit was first aired in 1963.

Since then the Doctor has been played by 13 different actors, with fans long debating who is truly the best of them all.

Bookmaker William Hill has sought to find out the answer by analysing tens of thousands of social media posts, domestic and international web search volume, headlines generated, and average IMDB ratings for each episode.

Tennant, who played The Doctor in 51 episodes of the sci-fi series with an average score of 8.2, came out on top.

In second spot is the man Tennant inherited the famous role from, Christopher Eccleston. The ninth Doctor first appeared in 2005’s The Parting of the Ways and went on to appear in 14 episodes of the show. With an average IMDB episode rating of 8.07, he is the only other time lord who can compete on Tennant’s level.

The National:

Next on this list is Glasweigan Peter Capaldi (above), who racked up 41 episodes, starting with 2017’s Twice Upon A Time.

Outgoing Jodie Whittaker, who first appeared in 2011’s The Woman Who Fell To Earth, claims fourth spot. Matt Smith was next in fifth.

The next Doctor has not yet been announced. Omari Douglas, who played Roscoe Babatunde in It's A Sin, is the 6-5 favourite/ There has also been much speculation about Years and Years and It’s A Sin star Lydia West, who was recently cut to 5-2.

Good Omens and Prodigal Son star Michael Sheen – recently voted as the fans’ choice for the high-profile vacancy – is the other name in the running at 3-1, with another Years and Years star, T’Nia Miller, now 9-1.