ABERDEEN Independence Movement has sold out its Progress to Yes Conference more than 100 days before it’s scheduled to start.

The event, announced in the Sunday National earlier this month, has been organised by Aberdeen Independence Movement in partnership with a number of leading Yes groups including Believe in Scotland, Women for Independence and Bella Caledonia.

The conference is set to be held on February 27 at Aberdeen’s Park Inn, and will see activists from all parts of Scotland gather to discuss how to move forward with creating a winning campaign for independence. There will be a range of workshops designed to encourage partnership and co-creation between groups and activists, and there will be speeches from leading figures in the movement, including Michael Russell, Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, Hannah Bardell MP, Aamer Anwar, Maggie Chapman MSP, and Karen Adam MSP, with even more to be announced.

The group has been stunned by the high level of demand for tickets, and is currently looking into possible options for making its biggest-ever event even bigger. “The demand has been absolutely phenomenal,” said AIM co-chair Jack Gillies.

“This will be our fourth in person conference – we’ve always sold out of tickets but our optimistic prediction on this one, given that we’d booked out every room in the venue, was that we’d be lucky to sell out by December. We think this shows that the movement is eager to get to work.”