BORIS Johnson faced criticism in the Commons after telling a press conference that COP26 took place in Edinburgh.

For the last two weeks, the United Nations climate summit has been held in Glasgow – with Johnson himself travelling to the city twice for the event.

The UK Government was the official host for the talks, and had its logo plastered on banners across Glasgow throughout November.

After an agreement, the Glasgow Pact, was reached between the dozens of countries at COP26, Johnson held a press conference with the event’s president Alok Sharma.

In response to one question about whether enough was agreed to tackle the worst effects of climate change, Johnson said he didn’t want the public to think “we cracked it here at COP in Edinburgh”.

The Tory leader was mocked on social media after viewers picked up on his error – and the SNP Westminster leader got involved this afternoon.

As Johnson gave an update on COP26 to the members of the Commons, Ian Blackford said: “I’m delighted that today the Prime Minister has remembered that COP happened in Glasgow rather than in Edinburgh as he said last night.

“Maybe he could have led more from the front at COP if he had actually known which Scottish city the conference was taking place in.”

Johnson, responding with a hoarse voice, dismissed the criticism and said that COP26 would never have been in Scotland at all if Scotland wasn’t part of the UK.

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Blackford also challenged Johnson's leadership during the climate talks, after campaigners complained that the final agreement was not enough to keep global warming to under 1.5C.

"The Scottish Government led on climate justice throughout COP – we were the first country to pledge funds for loss & damage to help those vulnerable countries who have contributed least to climate change but are suffering its worst effects," he pointed out.

"This is about reparation, not charity – so, will the Prime Minister reverse his cuts to international aid and follow our First Minister’s lead - will he back and contribute to the creation of a loss and damage facility?"

The SNP MP also challenged Johnson to reverse the UK Government decision to snub the Acorn Project carbon capture programme in Aberdeenshire. 

Labour chief Sir Keir Starmer attacked Johnson's actions too, describing Glasgow as a "missed opportunity".

“More climate delay when we needed delivery," he said. "And 1.5C is now on life support. We still have the chance to keep 1.5C alive, but only with intensive care.

“We have to speak honestly about the challenge we face to rebuild the coalition that we need, and to take on the big emitters.

“We can and we must change course.”