A MAJOR initiative pairing primary and secondary schools in Nepal and Scotland to learn from each other and join forces to tackle the climate crisis is to be the subject of a new documentary.

Into Film Scotland is teaming up with Chhaproma Studios in Nepal to film the documentary about Connecting the Climate Challenge, a collaboration between the University of Edinburgh and Nepal’s Research Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology that has established links between schools in both countries.

Focusing on their different but complementary experiences of climate change, the pupils are learning from each other’s experiences and together are tackling the climate crisis.

Using an interdisciplinary approach that includes digital technologies, science and art, students have been performing parallel pupil-led research by testing air and water pollution, CO2 levels, temperature and rainfall as well as conducting litter analyses and assessing biodiversity to create their own action plans for taking environmental action.

Donna Hanley, acting principal teacher at Stobhill Primary in Midlothian, said the project had enabled teachers to teach pupils about climate change and the effect humans are having on the planet in a “real-life” context.

Welcoming the decision to make a documentary, she added: “With COP26 it is imperative that we make use of the Connecting the Climate Challenge platform and maintain this momentum to build on people’s understanding and motivation to protect our planet for our future generations.”

The connection between young people in Nepal and Scotland is also being strengthened by a documentary filmmaking competition called Camera Sika X Road to COP26 Climate Change Films.

Into Film Scotland has also commissioned filmmaker and animator Sharon Sorenson to work with Additional Support Needs pupils at Drumchapel High School in Glasgow.

The pupils are filming their own documentary about the environment and sustainability. The film will be screened at schools across the country as part of the Into Film Festival this month.