The National:

COP26 has seen world leaders from around the globe gather in Glasgow to discuss ways in which the ongoing climate crisis can be mitigated.

So what on earth would the First Minister of Scotland be doing there?

That question may seem to have an obvious answer, but apparently not to Alex Cole-Hamilton, the leader of the still-just-about-kicking Scottish Liberal Democrats.

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Sharing a Friends of the Earth Scotland tweet about Scotland not joining the “Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance” fast enough, Cole-Hamilton had a pop at Nicola Sturgeon.

“So the First Minister missed the armistice act of remembrance at Holyrood and FMQs so that she could dodge any meaningful action on the climate emergency while at #COP26.

“Aside from the photos with celebs, what is she actually doing there?” he asked.

Luckily for the Edinburgh West MSP, there were hundreds of Scots on hand to help him out.

“Missed this photo out did you?” Siobhan Walsh asked, sharing a shot of Sturgeon at a remembrance ceremony at COP26, alongside the event’s president Alok Sharma.

The National:

Edinburgh councillor Lesley Macinnes wrote: “If you really don’t understand the concept of soft diplomacy and international relationship building what on earth are you doing as leader of your Scottish branch?”

Others highlighted that those “celebs” Cole-Hamilton was whinging about were actually world leaders such as US president Joe Biden.

Some other users posted a video of Saleemul Huq, the director of the International Centre for Climate Change and Development, saying Sturgeon is the “true leader” which had emerged from COP26.

“Take it she must be doing something when she gets the ray of the day award,” another user added.

So, what was the First Minister “actually doing” at COP26? There’s your answer.

But what was the leader of the Scottish LibDems doing there? Meeting other LibDems seems to be the answer.