A BROADCASTER who was in Glasgow covering COP26 described Scotland as the "coolest nation on Earth" after her trip.

Ika Ferrer Gotić is a news producer and anchor for the N1 CNN news channel in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The channel also broadcasts across the Balkan region as a CNN International affiliate.

Gotić was in Glasgow last week covering the climate summit and spoke about her experience during an interview with the chair of the Scottish Police Federation, David Hamilton.

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Sharing a clip from her show, Gotić said: "I might lose my Bosnian citizenship over this, but this one is for you Scotland."

In the clip, she said: "I'm absolutely amazed by the welcome that I have received in your country, and must say that [Scotland] is the coolest nation on Earth.

"I said I'd drop that line for my newest Scottish friends and I always do keep my promises."

Hamilton was on the show sharing his experience as a humanitarian volunteer during the Bosnian War in the mid-1990s.

He spoke about being shelled and attacked by anti-aircraft guns while in the conflict and why it is important to continue to remember the tragedies of the conflict.

Gotić seems to have had such a profound experience in Scotland that she shared some video highlights to her Twitter feed earlier this week that is pinned to the top of her profile.

She said that she was "eternally grateful for your surreal welcome, my dearest Glaswegians!"

"What a privilege to get to know the coolest nation on Earth. I belong to you."

Highlighting Scotland's abundance of natural renewable resources, Gotić also tweeted about her struggles with the wind while broadcasting from Glasgow.