The National:

TORY MSPs can’t be very busy right now, as one of them seems to have spent the afternoon putting together a nice memory board of the First Minister’s time at COP26.

Russell Findlay, who won a seat in Holyrood after the Scots Conservatives gave him a spot on their West Scotland list, took to Twitter to post his little project on Thursday evening.

“Nicola ‘I haven’t had many selfies’ Sturgeon #COP26”, he wrote.

Unfortunately for Findlay, as many on Twitter were quick to highlight, only one of the 24 images in his collage, at a push, actually appears to be a selfie.

Doubly unfortunately for Findlay, it seems he couldn’t even find enough photos of Nicola Sturgeon to fill his 24-image template.

To cover that up, he just used the first one again in the last slot...

“Tell me you do not have a clue what a selfie is without telling me you do not have a clue what a selfie is. Russell, you go first…”, one user wrote.

“24 images, 1 is potentially a selfie. @RussellFindlay1 you are aware that press/photographers are at these types of events, yes? And you are aware of what a selfie is, yes?" Toby Michaels responded.

“Why are you so bothered anyway? Lol Oh right…’SNPBad’ I forgot. You don't use logic."

But while the Tories are engaged with petty art projects, other users highlighted that the First Minister has been busy.

“Thank u for highlighting what a great job our @ScotGovFM has been doing in raising the profile of our fab nation”, Nuzhat Uthmani wrote.

“Imagine the First Minister of Scotland promoting Scotland on the world stage to a diverse range of delegates,” another user added.

Can you imagine? We suspect Unionists would be furious...