ACTIVISTS have thrown green paint over the Scottish Power building and glued their hands to the ground. 

Six campaigners from Scientist Rebellion say the demonstration is to highlight the firm's "greenwashing policies". 

Donned in lab coats, they have spray-painted messages such as “tell the truth” onto the building, risking arrest. 

The National:

The action comes shortly after another scientist from the group sailed down the River Clyde in a rubber dinghy.

He clutched a sign that read "tell the truth or we will lose everything" before he was stopped by coast guards.

Mike Lynch-White, Scientist Rebellion co-founder, said: "Fossil fuel companies, like Scottish Power, are committing crimes against humanity for profit. They're murdering our children so their already too wealthy shareholders can get even wealthier. Words cannot describe this level of evil." 

The National:

Kyle Topfer, Scientist Rebellion activist, added: "Greenwashing by smaller subsidiaries is hiding the fact that their parent companies are annihilating indigenous nations and future generations through deceit, deception, delay, dishonesty and direct exploitation." 

Scottish Power and Police Scotland have been approached for comment.