FORMER Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has joined the picket line in Glasgow with trade unionists striking for better pay.

Members of the GMB union have been striking since last Monday (November 1) following the collapse of talks between Glasgow City Council and the union last Sunday.

Corbyn, the Labour MP for Islington North, is in Glasgow for a series of events and talks linked to COP26.

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Nottingham East MP Nadia Whitmore shared a picture of the Labour activists on Twitter, saying she was "proud to join" cleansing workers from the union alongside Corbyn, MSP Paul Sweeney and other Labour members.

Glasgow City Council has suggested bringing in private contractors to collect rubbish as bins across Glasgow overflow with rubbish.

Recently, Corbyn warned the council not to "up the ante" in the dispute by bringing in contractors and warned that this would lengthen the dispute and make it "more bitter".

The GMB is calling for a £2000 pay rise and had previously turned down an offer of an £850-a-year increase for staff earning up to £25,000.

A proposal on Friday from Cosla, the body that oversees all 32 Scottish local authorities, would give a one-year, increase to the lowest paid council staff of almost six per cent. The Scottish Government has pledged £30 million to support the offer.