A GB News journalist has been widely mocked on social media after claiming he was refused entry to a popular Glasgow nightclub because of his English accent.

Tom Harwood, formerly of right-wing news website Guido Fawkes, sparked a backlash on Twitter after he equated the alleged incident with a rise in supposedly hostile Scottish nationalism.

The presenter, who has been covering the COP26 climate summit in the city, shared his experience of a Saturday night on Sauchiehall Street after trying to gain entry to the Firewater nightclub.

“Bouncer rejected me from a bar, from what I – and my Glaswegian friends – can make out, seemingly solely because of my accent,” Harwood tweeted.

“Have to say it’s the most hostile Glasgow has felt in a full week. Nationalism is a hell of a drug.”

Asked what basis he had for these claims, the journalist added: “Because of how he [the bouncer] reacted to me vs my friends when I spoke.”

Although a few Twitter users claimed to have been the victim of anti-English sentiment in Scotland, the vast majority found Harwood’s story hard to believe.

Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite replied: “That hilarious and patently untrue.”

Others shared rather different experiences of how they have been treated in Scotland.

A Twitter user called Matt wrote: “I live in Glasgow. Go to Firewater all the time. Have quite a strong Mancunian accent. This is nonsense. Glasgow is one of the most welcoming cities I've ever lived in.”

Another comment read: “Lived in Glasgow for almost 10 years and never KBd [kicked back] from a club for having an English accent.”

For the most part, however, Harwood’s post prompted mockery.

“The irony of this is that getting a KB on Sauchiehall St on a Saturday night is actually the most Scottish thing ever,” one person replied.

Another posted: “This is true I was there, I said I was English and have been arrested and thrown in jail.”

A further comment read: “Even if the COP26 doesn't lead to any lasting changes, it will have been worth it for this alone. Marvelous.”

"England and Scotland all united in laughing at Tom," one person added.

Firewater has been contacted for comment.