CAMPAIGNERS are calling for an independent Scotland to be founded on climate justice.

The call comes from the Radical Independence Campaign (RIC) which was originally set up in 2012 and is now forging more international links and ramping up activity ahead of a new referendum.

The group is taking part in COP26, with members joining protesters on the climate change march yesterday carrying banners emblazoned with the slogan “It’s Scotland’s oil, keep it in the soil”.

Tomorrow it is supporting two meetings, including one on self-determination, climate justice and democracy, featuring people from various countries around the world seeking independence. They will speak about their experience of climate change and their frustration at the lack of an official presence at COP26.

Group member Jack Ferguson said: “We are looking forward to hearing from our friends struggling for self-determination across three different continents at the People’s Summit for Climate Justice on Monday, where RIC has organised a session with activists from other stateless nations.”

Paul Figueroa of the Puerto Rican Independence Party, Joe Jones of the Welsh Underground Network and Anazar U Chavah of the Movement for the Self-Determination of Kabylia will help lead a discussion on how independence and climate justice go hand-in-hand.

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It is the latest in a series of in-person meetings through which RIC has been strengthening its international links, having last week met privately with seven women from the Zapatista communities in southern Mexico to learn of, and offer solidarity with, their inspirational struggle for self-determination.

Ferguson said: “RIC sees international links as vital so that we can offer our support to people struggling around the world, but also so that Scotland can call on global help when demanding our own right to self-determination from Westminster.

“We’re also seeking to build links with the Scottish diaspora globally, encouraging them to support the independence struggle here.”

Recently, RIC wrote to pro-independence organisations in Wales, Cornwall and the north of England as well as groups promoting the re-unification of the island of Ireland to propose an All Islands International group.

“We want to come together in alliance with all those throughout these islands who see breaking up the British state as the way to achieve major social progress, and work together to end the undemocratic rule of Westminster,” said Ferguson.

The National: Greenpeace Norway activists in kayaks confront Siem Day loading drilling infrastructure for the Cambo oil field on behalf of Siccar Point Energy and Shell Oil, at Randaberg Industries, outside Stavanger, Norway..

Tomorrow, the RIC is also speaking at an event to discuss building a fairer, greener, nuclear-free Scotland.

Ferguson said: “This is the start – not the end – of our action as we will be looking at how we can ramp up protest and direct action in the New Year.

“Climate justice has to be central to independence now. Our slogan for the march yesterday played off the slogan of ‘It’s Scotland’s Oil’, which gave the SNP its big breakthrough, but this is a new time and we need to recognise the reality of climate change and our responsibility to take a lead in helping end the fossil fuel economy.

“It is Scotland’s oil and we want an independent Scotland to say we will do the responsible thing and keep it in the ground. The UK Government seems determined to press ahead with the Cambo oil field despite warnings against it from the IPCC and world scientists.

“We need the power in Scotland to regulate the energy industry and be able to say we are going to end oil extraction and put efforts towards a just transition that allows workers in these industries to get new jobs.”