THOSE very busy people at Independence Live have a whole series of shows lined up for the rest of COP26, having already provided lots of coverage of the daily events from a distinctly Scottish point of view.

They will be at the COP26 march and rally in Glasgow today and will give coverage of an element that the Unionist media will no doubt want to ignore – the presence of thousands of Yes supporters marching for both climate action and independence.

On Monday they will have the usual Broadcasting Scotland show at 7pm followed by the Scottish Resistance Chat Show at 8pm and then a “special” at 8.30pm with a broadcast from the event at the Centre for the Contemporary Arts in Glasgow .

Entitled “A Just, Green and Nuclear-free Scotland, how do we get there?” the organisers say “in the context of COP26, we need to take a hard look at the gap between the needs of climate justice (including keeping below the 1.5 degrees ceiling) and the current trajectory of the Scottish government. Where does Scottish independence fit into that gap?”

Speakers will include Maggie Chapman MSP of the Scottish Green Party and Alan McCombes of the John Muir Trust who will be speaking in a personal capacity.

On Wednesday at 7pm, ecologist, writer and consultant on climate change, water, biodiversity and ecosystems Dr Julian Caldecot will be talking COP26, Scottish independence and more with host John Drummond.