SUPPLY chain problems which followed the Tory government's hard Brexit have been felt by three-quarters of UK high-street firms, new research has suggested.

A survey of 1000 business found lost orders or delayed deliveries had affected the vast majority of firms.

Other issues reported included acute shortages of staff due to the impact of Boris Johnson's Brexit regulations and the pandemic.

Four out of five respondents to the poll by risk management and insurance brokerage Gallagher said they were set to simplify their supply chains, with many switching to more localised solutions.

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Businesses have turned customer orders down or absorbed increased costs due to a lack of supply driving up prices, said the report.

Neil Hodgson, of Gallagher, said: “Often operating behind the scenes, supply chains have been unusually visible to the public in the past year, with high-profile shortages causing disruption.

“Business leaders clearly see further problems on the horizon and are keen to put the lessons of this year to use and make long-term changes, like looking closer to home for suppliers.”

Supply issues have hit popular restaurant chains across the UK including Nando's, McDonald's, KFC, and Gregg's - while fuel shortages on forecourts caused chaos in late September and early October.