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WHAT would a movie about Scotland be without someone who isn’t Scottish putting on a cringe-worthy accent?

Fortunately, we won’t find out the answer from Netflix’s latest offering: A Castle for Christmas.

In the movie due for release on the streaming platform later this month, Westminster-born Cary Elwes rolls his Rs so forcefully he seems in danger of tumbling over.

Elwes, introduced as the Duke of Dunbar, has a cunning plan to make co-star Brooke Shields’s life “miserable” - but it looks like they might just get along. Who could have guessed.

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But of course there’s conflict in this RomCom-by-numbers.

“You have worked your whole life for your career, what are you without it?” one character asks Brooke Shields.

Quite why moving to a castle in Scotland would get in the way of her career writing books “in her pajamas” is unclear.

I guess we’ll just have to watch the full movie to find out. We can’t wait.

The UK and Ireland Netflix account seems to have grasped the incredulous attitude most Scots will surely have towards this movie. It tweeted: “A Castle for Christmas comes to Netflix on 26 November, including Brooke Shields and the most accurate depiction of Scotland ever seen on screen. Honest.”

We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that that was tongue-in-cheek. But the humour was lost on Netflix’s more enthusiastic Film account.

This one tweeted: “It’s the holiday trailer you’ve been waiting for… “An author in need of a castle. A duke in need of some cheer.

“A Castle for Christmas, starring @brookeshields and @cary_elwes, directed by @TheMaryLambert, opens its doors on Netflix November 26.”

It topped that off with an emoji of a “European castle”.

Now we’re really stoked.

As you’d expect, Scottish Twitter has had a field day. Here are a few of our favourite reactions: