PROTESTERS dressed as Pikachu have gathered opposite the COP26 conference as climate protests continue in Glasgow.

The giant Pokemon were demanding an end to Japan’s support for coal power.

The National:

It comes after several demonstrations took place in Glasgow on Wednesday, including an Extinction Rebellion march through the city attended by hundreds.

Another Extinction Rebellion protest is expected outside the Home Office building in Cessnock on Thursday, while there will be other large marches through the city on Friday and Saturday.

On Wednesday evening, Police Scotland said five arrests had been made at the demonstration, including two after officers were sprayed with paint.

Assistant Chief Constable Gary Ritchie said: “We will provide a proportionate policing response to any protest and it is therefore extremely disappointing that officers were assaulted by having paint sprayed in their faces.

“These officers were simply doing their job and trying to protect people and keep them safe.”

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Ritchie said a group of protesters were “contained” around St Vincent Street in order to protect public safety, before being allowed to move towards the COP26 site within a police cordon.

Extinction Rebellion’s protest on Wednesday was against “greenwashing” and included demonstrations outside the SSE and JP Morgan offices.

The group said police action raised “serious questions about civil liberties, right to protest, and human dignity”.

On Thursday morning, a group called No Coal Japan held up a banner saying “Japan, time to end coal” on the opposite bank of the Clyde.

The National: Life-sized 'Pikachu' characters joined activists from the No Coal Japan coalitionLife-sized 'Pikachu' characters joined activists from the No Coal Japan coalition

They say Japan is continuing to finance coal plants in Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Extinction Rebellion is due to hold a “march for peace” starting in Cessnock at midday on Thursday.

On Friday, thousands are expected to march through Glasgow with the Fridays for Future movement founded by Greta Thunberg.

Saturday will see another large march from the Cop26 Coalition, with organisers saying tens of thousands are expected.