BILLBOARDS calling out Prince Charles and Prince William as “climate change hypocrites” are rolling out across the UK.

Campaign group Republic said the cause of tackling climate change is being harmed by “royal hypocrisy”.

The billboards have already gone up in Edinburgh and are set to be installed in Glasgow in the coming days.

It comes as Glasgow hosts COP26 where world leaders will descend on Scotland to try to tackle the climate crisis.

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The billboards point out that Prince Charles and Prince William use helicopters and private jets while maintaining multiple homes, all at a "huge cost" to the environment.

The billboards feature the royals with checkmarks appearing next to the words “helicopter flights”, “private jets”, “multiple huge homes” and “personal train”.

The National:

Graham Smith, speaking for Republic, told The National: “The royal family are using COP26 and the environment generally to try and win favour with the public and it’s hypocritical and dishonest the way they are doing it because they aren’t making sacrifices themselves.”

Smith said the “hypocrisy is breath-taking” from the royals as he accused the monarchy of “lecturing” the public.

Smith continued: "Senior royals routinely make use of helicopters instead of cars and fly longer distances by private jet. And they all maintain multiple large houses that will have an enormous carbon footprint."

"The royals need to be challenged on their 'do as we say' attitude.

"There is no excuse for Prince Charles to fly everywhere by helicopter, or for William to take private jets when he could go by train or scheduled flight.

"And the royals do not need multiple palatial homes. If they want to lecture on climate change they need to start leading by example."

The National: Republic previously ran a billboard campaign on Prince AndrewRepublic previously ran a billboard campaign on Prince Andrew

"The royals are clearly worried about what happens after the Queen dies. This is more PR to bolster their credibility and it must be called out for what it is: cynical and hypocritical."

Graham accused parts of the media of giving the royals a “free ride” on the issue.

Referencing the Queen’s comments in mid-October where she complained that world leaders “talk but don’t do” on climate change, Graham said: “They're all hypocrites in the sense that they talk but don't do, contrary to what the Queen was saying.

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“And the Queen's lobbying against environmental protection laws, that was an outrageous thing to do and there’s no reason why she should be exempted from that."

An investigation in July revealed that lawyers for the Queen lobbied the Scottish Government to exempt her private land from legislation aimed at cutting carbon emissions.

“The list goes on. They are major carbon polluters. And that’s the problem, they are largely unaccountable and untouchable.”

The billboards are part of a wider campaign that began in August, featuring a range of designs around the UK.

Republic has set up a Crowdfunder for the campaign, which can be found here: