WHILE every major media organisation on the planet is spending millions on covering COP26 in Glasgow, one small livestreaming internet operation is quietly giving the Scottish view of the event.

Independence Live told us: “As the world converges on Glasgow we want to make sure that Scotland’s story in the climate crisis is being told.

“Every day this week we have COP26 related shows making sure that Scotland has a voice during this most crucial meeting.

“Time is running out to create a realistic pathway towards the Paris Agreement temperature rises of 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and no matter the pathway Scotland has a role to play.”

It’s also a crucial time for Independence Live which has launched its latest crowdfunder.

They said: “Since 2013, Independence Live has been kept afloat by donations from the independence movement and it is safe to say that we would not be here without you.

“Today, ahead of a series of shows around COP 26, we launch our last crowdfunder of 2021.

“We are a non-party political organisation dedicated to telling Scotland’s story.

“We continue to provide help and support to any individual, group or organisation that supports Scottish independence.

“If you are a Yes minded individual, group or organisation that would like support with any virtual events or live streaming please get in touch.”

Donations can be made online here: tvl.ink/crowdfunder