IT will be the biggest protest march in Scotland for nearly two years, and the COP26 coalition procession through the streets of Glasgow on Saturday will proudly feature a large bloc of marchers supporting the cause of Scotland regaining its independence.

All Under One Banner have called on the Yes movement to rise up on Saturday and join the huge march.

A spokesperson for AUOB said: “We set Glasgow ablaze with Saltires rampant on the massive COP26 Coalition demonstration for Climate Action now, which sets off from Kelvingrove Park at 12.30pm sharp to Glasgow Green.

“This will be the biggest public procession in Scotland since 80,000 marched for independence at Glasgow in January 2020.”

A new chant has been minted for Saturday: “What do we want? Climate action. When do we want it? NOW.”

The spokesperson continued: “The scale of the environmental crisis is huge. People across the world face drought, wildfires, floods and hurricanes forcing hundreds of millions to flee their homes.

“The impact of climate change is not equal. It affects people who live in the poorest parts of the world the greatest and its catastrophic consequences hit the poorest the hardest. This is why we need Climate Action now. Scottish independence will not in itself solve the problem of climate change, we are a country rich in resources which could be utilised to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and replace this with renewable energy.

“Freed from the constraints of Westminster rule, Scotland will become a beacon of hope and an example of the radical action needed to meet the challenges that confront us. Scottish independence is vital to ending the UK state’s political addiction to Fossil fuels. This demonstration is a magnificent opportunity to show to the world that the Yes movement is fully committed to Climate Action and we will ensure it is centre stage in an independent Scotland.

“We are delighted to be working alongside the wider climate justice movement and recognise that we need unity of purpose and action across all the diverse social movements. Unity is strength.

“On Saturday we gather early at the Lord Roberts monument in Kelvingrove Park, the statue up on the hill adjacent to Park Terrace. This is a fitting assembly point for the Indybloc as it is a symbol of colonial oppression and the forces which have dissaffected the environment over the last two centuries. Look for the CLIMATE ACTION NOW AUOB banner and we will get into formation with the rest of the blocs for the 12.30pm sharp start. Bring your flags, banners pipes and drums for this mass mobilisation.”