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JOE Biden was "welcomed" to Scotland by a "large naked man", a White House report has stated.

The US president is in Scotland for the COP26 climate summit that is currently taking place in Glasgow with leaders from across the globe taking part in vital talks to attempt to avert the worst effects of climate change

Like many other world leaders, Biden is not staying in Glasgow for his trip to Scotland. 

Along with his staff, the president is thought to be staying at the luxury Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club, near the West Lothian village of Kirknewton.

His motorcade, known as "The Beast", has been spotted across the Central Belt of Scotland as the president makes his way around.

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The Dalmahoy Hotel is not directly on the M8 motorway that connects the east and west of the Central Belt meaning "The Beast" has to navigate some smaller country roads.

And those trips have definitely been eventful for the motorcade as one White House report has shown.

The BBC's North America editor Jon Sopel shared one titbit from the White House that said: "At one point when we were still on smaller country roads, a large, naked  Scottish man stood  in his front window taking a picture of the motorcade with his phone."

The US president had previously been in Rome for the G20 summit and arrived in Edinburgh on Monday via the presidential plane Air Force One.

Seems like the president got more than he bargained for while navigating some of Scotland's smaller roads.

The president's motorcade was previously spotted at a petrol station on Calder Road on the outskirts of Edinburgh.