TENNENT’S has launched a new advertising campaign underlining the importance of sustainable brewing practices as COP26 gets under way in Glasgow.

Featuring three real-life portraits of Tennent’s staff and suppliers, the brewery’s campaign aims to show why quality, local brewing is a sustainable option for drinkers as thousands of delegates arrive in its hometown for the annual UN climate change conference.

Renewable processes undertaken by Tennent’s include using 100% renewable electricity at its Wellpark brewery and other sites across Scotland, only using local barley for brewing, and reducing the distance from brewery to bar.

To highlight this, the advertising, which is appearing across Glasgow and on social media, features three creative lines – Rebrewable Energy, Ayr Miles and Outstanding in our Field – alongside filtration team member John Gray, barley farmer Walter Dandie, and HGV driver Janet Nicol.

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Despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, which saw large parts of the hospitality sector closed or under restrictions, Tennent’s delivered on its 2019 commitment to invest €16 million (£14m) in its environmental initiatives.

Highlights from the investment included the installation of a new cardboard packaging plant to remove single-use consumer plastics, which has resulted in removing around 150 tonnes of plastic from the environment every year.

It also allowed for the introduction of an anaerobic digestion plant and carbon capture facility.

Cameron Matthews, senior brand manager for Tennent’s Lager, said: “Like many businesses, we know there is still a lot of work to be done. We are committed to

lasting environmental change and want to lead by example in our industry.

“Our continued progress means we are now completely free of single-use consumer plastic, our brewery is zero-waste, and we only ever use renewable electricity at Wellpark.

“Tennent’s is synonymous with Scotland, and we’re very proud that the beer you order at your local, will be exactly that – made with the finest Scottish barley and fresh Highland water from Loch Katrine.”