A READER of The National has told how they were “gobsmacked” to see clothing branded with the slogan “Stronger Together” on a trip to their local Primark store.

The reader, who doesn’t want to be identified, was shopping at Primark in Greenock, when they saw the T-shirts and jackets, complete with the slogan, which immediately conjured up visions of 2014, when Unionists in the Scottish referendum campaign ran under the “Better Together” banner.

They told The National: “I was absolutely gobsmacked as I needed to find tracksuit trousers and trainers with no branding for work, so someone said Primark is good for this type of item.

“I thought I’d been transported back to 2014.

"It's not so much subliminal messaging, more a full-on slap in the face.

“I thought they must be joking, but I wonder if Primark actually understood the significance of their new branding given that indyref2 is never far from people’s thoughts in Scotland.”

A spokesperson at Primark’s head office in Dublin said: “This is a workout range running in all 14 markets we operate in.”