US officials were surprised to enjoy Irn Bru as they tried a variety of Scottish foods ahead of the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow.

The US ambassador to the UK Philip T Reeker posted a video on his official Twitter account showing his team trying out famous Scots dishes including Cranachan, Lorne sausage and the deep-fried Mars Bar.

The team were surprised to enjoy haggis, despite one staffer looking perplexed while another read out what exactly the food is.

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They thoroughly enjoyed the dishes but struggled to pronounce much of them, calling Scotland’s other national drink “urn bruh”.

Like many non-Scots, the ambassador’s team debated whether Irn Bru tasted like cream soda, orange juice or bubble gum.

The ambassador’s team also spoke of the similarities between American and Scottish cuisine, with many saying how they’d expect to see a similar snack to the deep-fried Mars Bar at American fairs.

One member of staff said: “There’s a Venn diagram of things American people and apparently Scottish people love and it’s frying candy”.

Another staffer said: “I love chocolate and I love fried food. This is really good”.

The team also enjoyed a roll and square sausage, but perhaps much to the shock of some Scots, suggested cheese and avocado should be put on it.

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Among other dishes they tried included cranachan, to which one staffer said: “This is the first Scottish food we’ve had that makes me think they have a summer.”

Nicola Sturgeon took to Twitter to respond to the video, saying: “Enjoying the best of @scotfooddrink - thank you @USAmbUK. Wishing you a warm welcome to #COP26 in Glasgow.”

The US officials will later be joined by American president Joe Biden, who will enter Glasgow for the historic COP26 summit with 30,000 other international delegates.

The climate talks will begin on October 31 and will end on November 12.