LORNA Slater has said she is "very relieved" to be double vaccinated after testing positive for Covid-19.

The Scottish Greens co-leader announced that she tested positive for the virus on Saturday and will be following NHS advice to self-isolate.

Her test result means she will miss COP26 events as the UN climate summit starts in Glasgow on Sunday.

She tweeted: "I had a positive Covid-19 test result. I feel very relieved to be double vaccinated and have only cold-like symptoms. I will be self-isolating following NHS advice."

The NHS advises that people who test positive for Covid should self-isolate for 10 full days which may have to be extended if symptoms do not go away.

During this period, people should not go to work or school, go out in public or have visitors over to their homes.

Slater entered the Scottish Government with fellow co-leader Patrick Harvie earlier this year after their party announced a co-operation deal with the SNP.

She became the green skills, circular economy and biodiversity minister while Harvie took on the role of zero carbon buildings, active travel and tenants’ rights minister.