NICOLA Sturgeon took a dig at GB News on Tuesday, saying she hopes the network will encourage its viewers to wear face coverings and get vaccinated.

The First Minister was answering journalists’ questions at a press conference ahead of COP26.

Sturgeon, joined by Police Scotland Chief Constable Iain Livingstone and national clinical director Professor Jason Leitch, took questions on the possible link between the climate summit and an increase in Covid cases.

GB News journalist Ryan Capperauld compared COP26 to the G7 summit in Cornwall, noting that after the summit Cornwall saw its number of Covid cases rise dramatically.

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He asked the FM how concerned she was that Glasgow could suffer the same fate.

Sturgeon replied: “If people do all the right things as people in Scotland, by and large, have been doing for almost two years now, if people comply with all the mitigations like face coverings, hand hygiene, vaccination, showing, where appropriate, proof of testing in the blue zone, more generally across the city proof of vaccine where required, then we can host a safe event.

“Covid always poses a risk. But I would take the opportunity to ask people again to do all of these things.”

Appearing to hold back laughter, Sturgeon continued: “And I hope we'll hear GB News supporting us and encouraging everybody to wear the face coverings and get vaccinated and show their vaccine passports when required over the course of the next couple of weeks.”

The National:

Professor Leitch took objection to necessarily linking an event such as COP26 or the G7 in Cornwall with a rise in coronavirus cases.

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He said: “Cause and effect inside the Covid pandemic is a dangerous game to play.

“So suggesting one thing led to another thing is notoriously difficult with an infectious agent that has a long incubation period, that spreads, that doesn't spread sometimes.

“So I cannot say that the G7 led to the southwest of England having a higher rate and nor can you – what I can tell you is all the mitigations we've just described for the residents of Glasgow, the visitors to Glasgow, and the blue zone within Glasgow.

“And I'm as confident as I can be that that will be safe and secure.”