BBC presenter asked a Glasgow-based journalist if there are still “plagues in Glasgow” during a segment on COP26.

BBC Radio Four presenter Justin Webb was speaking to David Wallace Lockhart on Thursday morning for the station’s Today programme.

Lockhart was discussing the aversion of rail strikes during COP26 and the planned strikes ahead of the major climate summit.

Lockhart mentioned that refuse workers are planning to strike in Glasgow during the international climate summit, to which Webb laughed.

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He asked Lockhart: “Yes, you bring up the refuse collectors, are you still suffering from rats and plagues and all sorts of things?”

Webb went on to ask Lockhart about the severe flooding that has hit the Scottish Borders.

Lockhart did not answer Webb’s question about “rats and plagues”, going on to explain the flooding situation facing parts of Scotland.

Glasgow City Council has faced accusations of rat issues around the city, as well as overflowing bins. 

Council leader Susan Aitken has argued Glasgow is as clean as any other UK city.

The comments on the BBC sparked some backlash from Scots on Twitter, with National columnist Ruth Wishart calling it “utter ignorance”.

She said: “How are the rats and the plague asks @BBCr4today presenter @JustinOnWeb of Glasgow based journalist. Laugh? I nearly started. #utterignorance.”

The BBC has refused to comment.