BORIS Johnson’s conduct in the House of Commons has been branded “disgraceful” by a furious Ian Blackford.

The SNP Westminster leader attacked the Tory chief at Prime Minister’s Questions for side-stepping his question about the Afghanistan crisis.

The humanitarian situation in the country following the Taliban takeover was “dire”, Blackford warned.

"The world food programme estimates that more than half the population, about 22.8 million people, face acute food insecurity – 3.2 million children under five could suffer acute malnutrition,” he said.

"Given the history of the last 20 years, it should be obvious that we have a deep responsibility to this country and to its people. Mr Speaker, they are dying and they need our help.”

The Prime Minister was asked to provide an update on what his government was doing to end the famine.

Johnson replied that the UK Government had doubled its in-year aid commitment to £286m, but added: "What we can't do at the moment is write a completely blank cheque to the Taliban government, Taliban authorities, we need to ensure that that country does not slip back into being a haven for terrorism and a narco-state."

Blackford again pushed the Prime Minister on the issue.

“The situation is getting worse by the day," he warned. "In August, the allies ran away from their responsibilities in Afghanistan and now it very much feels like this government is washing its hands of the legacy that it left behind. Because not alone are the Afghan people being failed on humanitarian aid, promises made to them on resettlement are also being broken too.

“The Afghan citizens resettlement scheme was announced on the 18th August which talked about resettling ‘up to 20,000 in the coming years’. But more than two months on, Mr Speaker, we’ve heard nothing.”

The SNP MP asked Johnson to explain when the resettlement scheme will open, and to guarantee that 20,000 Afghans will be resettled.

However, he was deeply unsatisfied with the Prime Minister’s response.

Johnson condemned Blackford for “uncivilly” interjecting.

“There is safe passage for those that wish to come and settle in this country and for people to whom we owe an obligation,” he said. "That is what we are doing.”

Responding to demands to “answer the question”, Johnson replied: “I have answered the question.”

Blackford branded his comments “disgraceful”.