REGULAR readers will know that indefatigable indy campaigner Mike Fenwick has struck a chord with his ingenious Declaration of a Sovereign Scot project and we will soon be reporting on further Declarations that he is planning.

In the meantime Mike is going to use a trip to Switzerland to pay a call on the United Nations office in Geneva, one of the four main offices of the UN.

Mike explained: “Won’t be here during COP26 – instead paying a long Covid-delayed visit to family in Switzerland. I will also be visiting the Geneva office as part of my ongoing contact with the United Nations as part of the Declaration of a Sovereign Scot campaign – this time face to face.

“This is the UN home of the Declaration of Arbroath – a UN ‘Memory of the World’ –so fingers crossed I may also be able to livestream to Independence Live while I am there.

“PS: just really struggling with getting a flagpole packed.”

Mike spoke at the recent Yes2indee march and rally in Glasgow. He said: “When I spoke at that Yes2 rally, I very deliberately read out a list of countries who had gained their independence from the British State that I hope will play a major part in Stage 2 of this initiative.”

To jog your memories, here is paragraph one of the Declaration which Mike Fenwick wants all Scots to send to the UN. “Exercising my Claim Of Right as a Sovereign Scot, I declare: ‘I do not consent to the terms of, nor the continuation of, the Treaty of Union established through the Acts of Union in 1707.’”