BILLBOARDS attacking Prince Charles and the royal family’s record on climate change will be unveiled in Glasgow and across the UK during the COP26 summit next week, according to campaign group Republic.

The Duke of Rothesay is due to attend the Glasgow climate summit, and has recently spoken of the “dangerously narrow window of opportunity” facing world leaders when it comes to preventing a climate catastrophe.

Addressing the Saudi Green Initiative Forum at the weekend, Charles said that “after far too long” the issue of climate change is finally “of paramount importance to the world”.

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He has celebrated the fact that the major event in Glasgow will be the “largest gathering of international leaders ever hosted by the United Kingdom”.

But anti-monarchy campaigners Republic have questioned the Prince’s commitment to climate issues.

In a new billboard, the group points out that Charles takes helicopter flights, private jets, enjoys the use of a personal train and owns “multiple huge homes”.

The phrase “climate change hypocrite" is underlined beneath the text.

The National:

Republic is currently using a crowdfunder to raise cash to put up further billboards across the UK. The group is aiming to raise £60,000 in an attempt to “change the debate about the monarchy”, and is nearly half way to that target with six days left to go.

“With your help we can ensure the debate shifts dramatically over the coming months and years,” the campaign groups says. “We need to challenge myths about the cost of the royals, the role of the head of state, the role of the royals in the Commonwealth. And we need to show the country there is a simple, democratic alternative to the monarchy.”

Clarence House could not be reached for comment.

Republic already have one billboard in Scotland – one taking aim at Prince Andrew, located in Edinburgh.

The posters show Prince Andrew alongside text reading “no one should be above the law” and “WANTED: A democratic alternative to the monarchy”.

The billboards were put up outside an Asda at the Jewel as it was reported that Andrew had been allegedly served legal papers by the lawyers of the woman suing him over sexual assault allegations.

Virginia Giuffre has sued the Queen’s son for allegedly sexually assaulting her when she was a teenager. Andrew has vehemently denied all the allegations.