THE man who accused Andrew Bowie on Question Time of being like a “wee schoolboy” to Boris Johnson has told The National he stands by what he said - but he is unhappy with the politician's answers.

James Lowe appeared on Thursday night’s Question Time, which was held in Glasgow, and was caught in a back and forth with Tory MP Bowie.

Lowe, an electrician from Stonehouse, South Lanarkshire, took the politician to task over after the UK Government snubbed Scotland for a major carbon capture project.

During his appearance on Question Time, Lowe said Bowie was taking orders from Boris Johnson “like a wee schoolboy”.

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The 64-year-old said Bowie was “selling Scotland down the river”.

Asked if he was happy with Bowie’s answers on Question Time, Lowe told The National: “Not really. I think he was doing his usual just trying to basically bullshit and basically bamboozle people with figures. That was his answer. It’s typical for Tories.

“He’s just coming up with bluster. When they haven't got an answer they just start talking about ‘the billions’ and Joe public that doesn't know any better so turns around saying ‘well that must be all right if they’re putting that kind of money in’.

“I just thought this guy is taking us for a ride here. And he was talking over Kate Forbes too. He’s good at that.”

“Then he tried to come in with some more bluster but the secret with that guy is you don't let them talk away.”

The National: Andrew Bowie was accused of acting like a 'wee boy'Andrew Bowie was accused of acting like a 'wee boy'

Lowe said he just “wasn’t happy” with Bowie’s answer and claimed the Tories were being hypocrites on the carbon capture funding, saying if it was not a Conservative government they would be quick to pounce on the funding rejection.

The Acorn Project, based at the St Fergus gas terminal in Aberdeenshire, would capture around 200,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year and transport it, using existing pipelines, for storage in one of three depleted North Sea gas fields.

But after being rejected for tier-one funding, the plan is unlikely to be finished until the 2030s.

Lowe also accused the Tories of hypocrisy over their criticism of the Scottish Government.

He said: “What I find amusing is that the Scottish Conservatives are actually accusing the SNP of the same mistakes the UK Government are making. They are supporting it at the UK but pulling up the SNP for it.

“With St Fergus, I think the Tories realised they won’t get votes in Scotland and they thought let’s not do the SNP any favours and put that money into Scotland where they can take the credit.”

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Overall though, Lowe enjoyed his experience on the BBC show – saying he got support from other audience members afterwards.

“I thought it was good. I've watched Question Time for years,” he said. "And I’ve watched Fiona Bruce. And a lot of the time, she lets the Tories say too much and doesn't pull them up.

“Brian Cox was great too - he actually called a spade a spade.

“And four or five people came up to me after the show, tapping me on the back and saying, ‘by the way, that was brilliant’.

“To be honest, I’m just surprised my clip got used – I thought they would have cut me out.”