BRIAN Cox praised Scotland's efforts to battle Covid on Thursday while accusing Westminster of being full of "headless chickens".

The award-winning Scottish actor appeared on the BBC’s Question Time programme and blasted the Tories over their handling of the coronavirus pandemic – labelling the whole situation “a mess”.

Cox also took aim at the Tories for not wearing masks in the House of Commons, saying they should have led by example.

The topical debate programme was in Glasgow on Thursday with host Fiona Bruce joined by Finance Minister Kate Forbes, Labour Party leader Anas Sarwar, Professor Heather McGregor, Tory MP Andrew Bowie and Cox.

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Presenter Bruce asked Cox what his view on the Covid pandemic and restrictions is.

“I think it's a mess. It's an absolute mess,” he said. “The left hand doesn't really know what the right hand is doing on this and clearly, you know, I love the idea of normal life.

“But we aren't living a normal life, what is normal life? It's certainly not like that at the moment.

“And it's not going to be like that, whatever that may mean, eventually, but I feel that, that we knew we do need to be vaccinated, we do need to be responsible.

“I think Scotland, I have to say, is a very good example of what's going on.

“I think in the south there's a lot of headless chicken activity, quite frankly.”

The National: Andrew Bowie, left, was seen shaking his head throughout Brian Cox's answerAndrew Bowie, left, was seen shaking his head throughout Brian Cox's answer

Bowie, who was sitting next to Cox on the programme, could be seen shaking his head throughout much of the actor’s answer.

Cox continued: “And it's interesting that the Conservative Party is finally catching up and, and now they're all wearing masks, but they should have been wearing masks all the time as an example.

“And it's the example that's important for the people. You know, that's what Parliament's supposed to do.

“They're supposed to represent the people and the needs of the people. And so the masks are terribly important.

“I've had Covid I know what it's like. In fact, in my case, it wasn't too bad.

“But at the same time, I just feel that we are a bit lax, and we don't quite know what we want to do what we're supposed to do and I think we just have to be a little stringent and our whole policy on masks.”

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Bowie defended his Conservative colleagues, saying he was “pleased” to see Tory MPs now wearing face masks amid rising infections.

Bowie said masks should be worn in crowded places, prompting Bruce to interject to ask: “Does this include the House of Commons?”

Bowie took a brief pause before answering “yes”, admitting that the Tories have faced criticism for many of their MPs choosing not to wear face masks in Parliament.

Asked if restrictions should be imposed due to high Covid cases, Bowie encouraged the public to get vaccinated.