THE town of Lossiemouth is being subject to aircraft noise that is “well past” acceptable levels, according to a National reader who lives in the area.

After a month of night training flights from RAF Lossiemouth plus the area being used for the trials of the new SkyGuardian drones – previously exposed by the Sunday National – reader Bill Liebnitz told The National of his fears for the Moray town.

He said: “Aircraft activity and noise in and around our town is now so bad that it is well past an acceptable level. At nights now sometimes after 11 pm we are being subject to noise levels well above what I think most reasonable people would consider as acceptable. During daytime young children are terrified by jets landing, taking off and very often doing practice bump landings.

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“The landing circuit which once upon a time gave a significant berth to the town, now seems to be in ever decreasing circles, definitely much closer to the town.

“Jets in close formation fly over or in very close proximity to the town – a procedure which surely should never be allowed.”

The drone tests were the last straw for Liebnitz, not least because the US authorities only allow them to be tested in desert areas. He went on: “Near misses between jets and also between jets and civilian aircraft have been noted, and the recent war games have included, without any local consultation, the use of experimental drones, at present only allowed for testing in desert locations in the USA.

“Thank goodness for organisations like UK Drone Watch keeping an eye on what is going on with the MOD and its military aspirations.”

He added: “In 2014 a march was organised from Lossiemouth supporting the RAF station and pleading with them to stay. Since then the RAF appear to have taken free licence to fly what they want, when they want and where they want.

“Time surely for local and national politicians to be fully informed and aware of what is going on. Time also for locals to stand up and be counted. Are you aware of what is going on and are you happy about it? We have a town of 7000 population , schools full of children and grandchildren who need someone to speak up for them. Our skies in close proximity to the town are too busy with small jet aircraft, large Boeing bombers, spy planes, and now experimental drones. Action needs to be taken before a disastrous accident takes place.

“Suggestions from our family/commune include a) a ban on the drones as they do in the States, b) shift the small jets to another airport eg. Kinloss or Leuchars, and c) restrict and control when all other aircraft are allowed to land and take off. I am sure this would not bother either the Russians or anyone else for that matter, but would certainly make our beautiful town a much better, and safer place to live in.”

The communications team at RAF Lossiemouth has been approached for comment.