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NIGEL Farage was left humiliated last night as Irish journalist Claire Byrne ripped up his “lecture” on Ireland’s culture and history.

The former Brexit Party chief and GB News presenter appeared on Byrne’s RTE programme to claim that people in Ireland would be seeking to leave the EU in the coming years.

“Why don’t you ask yourselves in Dublin the question – why did you fight the British? Why did Irish nationalists fight the British for 500 years? Five-hundred often very bloody difficult years until the 1920s. What was the point of it if you’re now governed by European commissioners?”

The Claire Byrne Live presenter told the former MEP that her viewers would be entertained to hear him talking about this issue.

“That’s a debate perhaps … that may be too inconvenient for all of you in Dublin, I’m sure, of course,” Farage said while talking over her.

The Brexiteer’s appearance on RTE came just days after he was forced to apologise for filming himself saying the pro-IRA slogan “up the RA”.

Farage was paid by someone on Cameo to use the phrase, which he claimed not to have known the meaning of. “If I saw ‘up the RA’ I would have looked at that as something very innocent, and wouldn’t have even known there was an implication to it,” he insisted.

Byrne took the opportunity to show viewers the clip of Farage saying “up the RA” once again.

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“Look, I know that you apologised for the birthday greeting that you delivered in the last couple of days, but I want people to see just how much you know about the history and culture on this island," she explained.

After the clip aired, there was an awkward, cringeworthy silence from the former Ukip chief as he stared into the camera.

“I know that you said sorry, I know you get £87, it’s entirely within your rights to do that … but come on. Don’t try and lecture the Irish people about the culture and history and precarious nature of peace on this island. You haven’t got a clue.”

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In response, Farage could only insist that if Ireland is really an independent country then its involvement with the EU would need to be debated in the next few years. However most people, we’re sure, were just watching the humiliated look on his face and not really listening.

Given around 84% of adults in Ireland support their country being part of the EU, they most likely weren’t listening to begin with.

If only British journalists had given Farage such a hard time when they were giving him constant airtime in recent years …