ALL Under One Banner has announced its schedule of marches and rallies for independence for next year, and today we publish the dates for your diary.

Having only recently returned to marching with a successful event in Edinburgh, AUOB are anticipating that Scotland will stay out of lockdown after the coronavirus pandemic which severely truncated its activities over the past 18 months.

With the second independence referendum now heavily anticipated to be in the latter half of 2023, next year will see AUOB trying to build momentum as the Yes movement gears up for the campaign to regain independence.

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The first march will be at Paisley on March 5, then there will be one every month at key locations across Scotland. These will be Arbroath on April 2, Glasgow on May 14, June 11 in Dumfries, Faslane on July 30 and Inverness on August 20. Falkirk on September 10 will no doubt set the scene for the march AUOB themselves call the Big One at Edinburgh on October 1.

A spokesperson for AUOB told The National: “It’s more important than ever that the people of Scotland have a series of well organised opportunities to take to the streets and express their desire for independence.

“AUOB is committed to holding mass mobilisations until the day is won, and we know there is a huge, vibrant, creative movement that is just as determined as we are.

“If it wasn’t for the AUOB marches over the last seven years we would not have such a Yes movement today, for these annual schedules of mass mobilisations have served to sustain, fuel, galvanise and empower independence supporters, giving targets for unity in action and reminding everyone it’s the people who are in charge.

“Regular mass mobilisations grow and enthuse the Yes movement in ways that pollsters don’t assess, across the demographics and communities the length and breadth of Scotland as participants and observers take home what they felt, saw, heard and realised.”

AUOB has for some time expressed its concerns about the assaults on democracy worldwide and will be showing world leaders at COP26 that the democratic right of the Scottish people to regain this nation’s independence cannot be denied.

The spokesperson added: “Democracy can be denied, it has been denied here for millennia until people did something about it, and it is being denied across the world right now by totalitarian regimes.

“Democracy must be defended, Liberty must be fought for, independence must be claimed.

“This is why 2022’s AUOB marches are more important than ever. We call on millions to take to the streets next year. But first up, and to wrap up 2021, it’s #AUOBCOP26 on November 6 at Glasgow.

“We hope to see you all there.”