THE Galloway Hoard, one of the most important UK archaeological finds of the century, will be on display at Kirkcudbright Galleries from October.

The exhibition, titled Galloway Hoard: Viking-age Treasure, offers a first chance to see details hidden for over a thousand years – revealed by expert conservation work and cutting-edge research.

The Galloway Hoard is the richest collection of rare Viking-age objects ever found in Britain or Ireland. Buried around AD900, the Hoard brings together a stunning variety of objects and materials in one unique discovery.

The National: Kirkcudbright Galleries, Kirkcudbright...One of the most important UK archaeological finds of the century,.Galloway Hoard: Viking-age Treasure will go on display at the Kirkcudbright Galleries 9.Oct 2021 to 10 July 2022...Dr Adrian Maldonado Galloway,

Dr Chris Breward, director of National Museums Scotland said: “The Galloway Hoard rightly drew international attention both on its discovery and its acquisition by National Museums Scotland following a successful major fundraising campaign.

Culture Minister Jenny Gilruth added: “The Galloway Hoard is one of the most important collections of artefacts ever discovered in Scotland.

“National Museums Scotland’s exhibition tour of the Hoard will provide a unique opportunity for audiences in Scotland and visitors to view its many treasures. I am particularly pleased that the Scottish Government was able to provide £150,000 towards its acquisition, with a further £150,000 towards the conservation work and tour.”

John Martin, vice-chair of the Communities committee said: “This feels like a homecoming of sorts and after the dark times we have had, it is wonderful to finally see this exhibition, after waiting so long.”