The National:

BORIS Johnson has released a series of bizarre videos as part of the Tories' campaign to build back Britain after the pandemic.

At the Tory Party conference, the Prime Minister championed the event's "Build Back Better" slogan, saying that the UK's recovery from the Covid crisis will not see a return to the "status quo ante". Whatever that means...

The Prime Minister posted two videos on his Twitter account with the hashtag #BuildBackBetter.

One eight-second video shows Johnson saying "mmmm" as he eats fish and chips. He then says "build back batter" and the video ends.

Twitter users were confused about the messaging of the video with one saying: "Is this part of why your takeaway bill is £27,000 a year?" and another adding: "Yup this guy is in charge of our whole country."

Diane Bancroft said: "Is this Conservative politics nowadays? Is this all they have? A blonde clown stuffing his face while many face feeding themselves from a foodbank and empty slogans? Shameful. Absolutely disgusting and disgraceful."

Another video shows Johnson spreading butter on toast and then he looks to the camera and says "build back butter".

One Twitter user described the video as "like some new psychological torture technique".

Another said: "Someone actually thought long and hard and thought this was a good idea which is the sad thing."

National columnist Gerry Hassan added: "Government by piss artists. From Build Back Booze to Build Back Batter to Build Back Butter. Build Back Bullshit more like. These privileged people think the UK public are thick as hell & can be permanently fooled."

The PM has said "Build Back Better means we want things to change and improve as we recover" but, just like these videos, it's not clear exactly what he means by that.