A GAELIC-SPEAKING singer with Scottish and Nigerian roots is to explore her relationship with Gaelic culture and history in a new documentary on BBC Alba.

Cass Ezeji, 27, gives a personal insight into her life in Trusadh: Afro-Gàidheil, where she meets Gaelic speakers of African and Caribbean descent to discuss how they connect to the language and culture – while also talking to experts to uncover the role of Gaels in the slave trade.

Ezeji attended Scotland’s first Gaelic primary school in Glasgow, where she first experienced racism. As a young mixed-race woman, she felt unsure of her place within the Gaelic community and, although she speaks the language fluently, she’s often questioned that part of her identity. Ezeji said: “We were totally immersed in Gaelic at school and I don’t think I knew that was going to be the case so I felt a little lost.

“The impression I had when I left school was that I didn’t feel part of the Gaelic world. I didn’t see myself represented in the culture so there was something of a disconnect.”

Ezeji also meets with historical expert Dr David Alston and Glasgow councillor Graham Campbell to look at the evidence of slavery that can still be found in Scotland today.

Trusadh – Afro-Gàidheil airs on BBC Alba on Monday at 9pm.