WHAT promises to be one of the most fascinating interviews ever broadcast by Independence Live is scheduled to take place next week.

Set your calendar and alarms for 7pm on Wednesday, October 6, when the 74th episode of the TNT Shop will feature John Drummond talking live to the author and philosopher Professor AC Grayling. Readers may recall that Professor Grayling, who was one of the 200 signatories of the so-called love bomb letter begging Scots to vote No in 2014, has dramatically changed his mind and is now a Yes supporter.

He told The National: “I have now come to the view that it is unconscionable that Scotland, which voted to be in the EU, should be dragged out by England which pays so little attention, has so little interest and care really for Scotland, other than as a useful appendage.”

Independence Live said that this “leading English philosopher and author changed his mind about Scottish independence and now thinks it could help change the mood in England”.

Expect Grayling to speak on his campiagn to reverse Brexit: “The ideal future is that the nations of the British Isles – the Scots, the English, the Welsh, the Irish, all of them as members of the EU, we have no borders, we have no problems.”

He told The National that he believes it is inevitable that the UK – or its “current constituent nations when they are no longer part of the UK” – will be back in the EU”.

It will certainly be fascinating to hear how Grayling converted.