THE UK Government has published its new National Space Strategy, with Boris Johnson claiming “Global Britain” can now become “Galactic Britain”.

The report, which focuses on putting “the UK firmly in the front rank of the global space industry”, was due to be published in 2018 but has been delayed for unknown reasons.

The 42-page document sees the Government vow to make the UK the first in Europe to launch a small satellite next year from spaceports which are currently under development.

A number of these proposed spaceports are in Scotland, in Shetland, Sutherland, Argyll, Prestwick and Outer Hebrides; while there are also locations in Cornwall and Snowdonia.

The National:

The Government also claims its space strategy will help the UK fight climate change with new technologies and “modernise” transport systems.

In his foreword to the report, Johnson says the strategy is all about “tapping our vast pools of talent and enthusiasm”.

“It’s a plan that will level up the UK by bringing opportunity to every part of it, with satellites being propelled into orbit from as far afield as Cornwall and Sutherland as soon as next year,” the Prime Minister writes.

“A plan that will create more jobs by putting rocket boosters the size of a Saturn V’s F1 under British space businesses. And a plan that will see us take a leading role on the international stage, Global Britain becoming Galactic Britain as we work with other nations to pursue exciting missions and with the UN to set the standards that will ensure space is used responsibly and safely.”

However, the claims of leading the world in space have not gone down too well so far.

The Tory leader’s claims were mocked online soon after the report’s publication, with social media users questioning why issues here on Earth weren’t being tackled first.

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“Can't wait for independence vote. Imagine wasting money on a space program. There's more important things needed to be done,” one user said.

Another pointed to the UK’s current problems, writing: “U.K.: Fuel shortages. Food shortages.  Worker shortages. UC cuts. Tax hikes. Energy bills through the roof.

“Boris: it seems like the perfect time to enter the space race.”

Former Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney said: “People can’t afford their gas bills, a winter of discontent looms - yet Boris’s idea is a… space programme/ ‘Galactic Britain?!’.

“Please can we strap the policy twonks who thought of this to a rocket & fire them into space? They couldn’t be more out of touch if they tried.”

Others joked that the idea was much like Johnson’s failed plan for a bridge connecting Scotland with Northern Ireland – despite the fact weapons had been dumped in the sea where the design was proposed.

“The UK will build a garden bridge stretching from the moon to Scotland and Northern Ireland, thereby eliminating the problem of Beaufort's Dyke,” Matt Donaghue wrote.