EDINBURGH Council's decision to refuse permission for an All Under One Banner (AUOB) march has been labelled an “attack on the independence movement”.

The decision comes just days before the march is set to take place, leading to accusations of “political interference” against the council and police by the organisers.

Edinburgh Council has refused AUOB’s march route which would have taken Yessers from Calton Hill to the Scottish Parliament, saying that a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order requires a minimum of eight weeks.

In plans first submitted in January, AUOB had initially hoped to march from Johnston Terrace, at the foot of Edinburgh castle, to the Scottish parliament on October 2. However, it had to reschedule to September 25 to avoid clashing with the Queen’s official opening of the parliament.

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At a preliminary meeting, the roads department pointed out various hazards on the suggested route, leading AUOB to draw up a new one, starting from Calton Hill.

While the independence group said an initial refusal by the council was based on police objections, AUOB claims the police are now stating they are willing to facilitate the demonstration – but the council have still refused to change their decision.

Posting on Facebook, AUOB said: “The reason we have reached this stage in the process, with only one day to go, is the direct consequence of the prevarication and obstruction by both Police and Council - blatant political interference.

“This is an attack on the independence movement’s right to demonstrate and to raise the issue of Scottish independence with the wider public, yet Edinburgh Council is controlled by a joint SNP/Labour administration.

“This attack on the Yes movement is an attempt to side-line and demobilise us - a decision that will not succeed. Taken along with the pending prohibition of demonstrations at the Scottish Parliament, this represents clear interference with our democratic rights.

“Independence supporters have correctly compared how the bigoted Orange Order have been permitted to march unhindered through the streets of Scotland on sensitive routes which are known to cause fear and alarm to local communities.”

AUOB said they will comply with the council’s requests and that the march will now take place along Holyrood Park’s Galloping Glenn, adding it did not want to put the safety of Yes supporters at risk by choosing an illegal route.

Members are now asked to gather at the Commonwealth Pool Grounds early before the 12.30pm kick-off for the rally.

AUOB continued: “It is now more important than ever that there's a massive turnout, and so we call for maximum attendance from the broad Yes movement to make loud and clear the fight for independence, and indeed for our civil and democratic rights, is on.

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“This is a key opportunity to keep up the pressure on the Scottish Government to take urgent, decisive action on independence, as well to make it explicit to the British State that we have the power and the resolve to make Scotland ungovernable for the UK Government.

“AUOB will soon be submitting a notification for a march through Edinburgh City centre for a maximum impact, high visibility route involving Princes Street - so watch this space.

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. The March for Independence is on.”

An Edinburgh Council spokesperson said: “The All Under One Banner notification was considered by the Licensing Sub-Committee on 21 September.

"In reaching their decision, the Committee heard from the event organiser, the relevant Council services and Police Scotland.

"The Committee was also presented with information arising from the Council’s event planning team.

“Having considered all of the information and in order to ensure public safety, the Committee made an Order with an alternative route, Holyrood Park Road – Queens Drive – Scottish Parliament.”

Police Scotland have both been contacted for comment.