The National:

BORIS Johnson has surpassed himself once again.

From Brexit to culturally insensitive comments, the Prime Minister is second to none when it comes to embarrassing the UK on the world stage.

But the Tory leader has proved there’s no limit to his talent.

Addressing global leaders at the UN General Assembly, Johnson thought he’d end his speech on a poignant note – by making a joke about the Muppets.

He had initially warned Earth is not “some indestructible toy” as he spoke of the upcoming Glasgow COP26 summit as “the turning point for humanity”.

He then concluded the 20-minute address with references to renowned Greek writer Sophocles and a Muppet.

On Jim Henson’s creation, Johnson said Kermit was wrong when he sang It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green, adding it was “easy, lucrative and right” to be green.

He added: "[Kermit] was also unnecessarily rude to Miss Piggy I thought."

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The PM continued: “Sophocles is often quoted as saying that there are many terrifying things in the world, but none is more terrifying than mankind, and it is certainly true that … we are uniquely capable of our own destruction, and the destruction of everything around us.

“But if you look at the Greek, Sophocles actually said … was that man is deinos and terrifying isn’t quite right as far as a translation for deinos. What Sophocles really means is humanity is awesome – both terrifying but also awesome.

“We have an awesome power to change things and to change things for the better, and an awesome power to save ourselves.

“In the next 40 days, we have to choose, the world has to choose what kind of awesome we’re going to be.”

The joke went down about as well as any other of Johnson’s interventions at global events.

Cue the tumbleweed.