GB News host Neil Oliver has pledged to “ignore” any future Covid lockdowns in Scotland.

The TV historian said “my door won’t be locked again” as he claimed the coronavirus lockdowns were not about protecting public health – but were in fact “deliberate attempts” to divide Scots to keep the public feeling “helpless and alone”.

Oliver has long been critical of Covid lockdowns, attracting controversy last month after saying he would “cheerfully risk catching Covid” for the “sake of freedom”.

The archaeologist has attracted criticism for his anti-lockdown views and GB News rants with former SNP MSP Sandra White saying the host is “not fit” to voice Glasgow the audio commentary on Glasgow’s Sightseeing buses.

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Now in a widely viewed monologue, Oliver declared his intention to buck any future lockdown plans.

Speaking on his GB News slot, Oliver said: “I just intended to set aside, if you like, to ignore any diktats that come down. I won’t be locked down again not in my head and really not practically.

“My door will be open to my friends to my family, to my neighbours to the people I love.

"I know that I am welcome in the homes of friends and family all over the country and if the Government get to the point that they think they can lock us down and lock me down then I will be paying no attention to that."

Oliver added that he will be choosing to "meet with the people I love" – instead of following Government guidance on Covid restrictions.

He continued: “I think the Government, the authorities, their scientific advisers, I believe absolutely, 100% that a lot of the intention, it wasn’t about health for the longest time.

“It was a deliberate attempt, a deliberate project, to divide us, to keep us apart, to stop us meeting, to stop us getting into pubs and restaurants and all the places where people meet and talk and reassure one another.

“I think the objective was to keep us separate from one another so we felt helpless and alone. I won't play that game anymore and that’s just me.

“I am not going to do that anymore. I am going to be at home to my people and they will make me at home to them.”

The video has sparked a deluge of disparaging comments on social media, with many quick to condemn the author.

Michael Adams wrote: “He shouldn’t be given a platform to rally his troops to defy the health experts.”

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Another replied: “If you don’t follow government guidelines then you're risking public health and safety.”

Richard added: “How gratifying it must be to have a media platform for such self-centred selfishness, from which to broadcast such disregard for the welfare and well-being of others.”

And one Twitter user simply responded: “Disgraceful."

The Scottish Government and GB News have been contacted for comment.