BBC Scotland’s political editor is facing criticism for sharing a clip of Health Secretary Humza Yousaf being injured while using his mobility aid.

Humza Yousaf has been open about his recent health issue, after collapsing and rupturing his Achilles while playing badminton.

He was left “frustrated” as he was able to attend some key parliamentary debates and ended up moving around on crutches, with his lower leg in a cast.

The National:

While working at Holyrood, Yousaf has been getting around using a knee scooter – an alternative to crutches which offers greater mobility.

Today following First Minister’s Questions, Yousaf was captured on film falling off the knee scooter in one of the Parliament’s distinctive corridors.  

BBC Scotland political editor Glenn Campbell suggested he’d had the clip brought to his attention by an STV reporter, sharing the footage and adding: “The Health Secretary @HumzaYousaf does not appear to be having a good day at work …”

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The clip quickly captured the attention of social media users. While pro-UK accounts mocked Yousaf – and recalled his remarks about people making sure it’s “critical” that they need an ambulance before phoning one – others criticised Campbell.

The National:

Yousaf himself replied to Campbell, questioning his decision to post the video. 

"All for media scrutiny & never shy away from it. Just not sure there is need or purpose to tweet out a video of me falling over while injured," he said.

"If anyone else had fallen over while on crutches, a knee scooter, or in a wheelchair would your first instinct be to film it & tweet out?" 

“Weirdly unsavoury look for a state broadcaster to be mocking someone for hurting themselves while already carrying an injury,” added Ian Phillip.

Mairi McAllan, MSP for Clydesdale and minister for land reform, remarked: “I’m new to elected life - and maybe I’m missing something - but this feels pretty cruel and unnecessary.”

Deputy presiding officer Annabelle Ewing commented: "So sorry that human dignity seems to have been discarded."

Another Twitter user hit out at those mocking Yousaf, writing: "Love him or hate him, disagree with his politics or agree with them. But don't tweet a video of a man, visibly injured, falling from a scooter.

"Would you be so crass and cruel to do it with someone falling out of a wheelchair. I'd think not. Disgusting journalism.”

The BBC has been contacted for comment.