A CONSERVATIVE MP prompted laughter from the SNP benches during Prime Minister’s Questions as he expressed fears over how the “nationalists” will use vaccine passports to “break our Union”.

Chris Green, Tory MP for Bolton West, told the Commons: “Now that the move to have a domestic ID card for each of Northern Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland has started .. what consideration has my right honourable friend given to how the nationalists will use them to break our Union?”

Plans for vaccine passports for large events are currently underway in Scotland, while Health Secretary Sajid Javid ruled them out for England before it emerged that they may actually come in later this year.

Green’s question prompted laughter and heckling from the SNP members in the Chamber.

Johnson told Green: “I’m very grateful to the vigilance of my honourable friend about the matter of ID cards, I can tell them that we have absolutely no plans to bring them in – but I will watch them [pointing to the SNP MPs] very carefully, Mr Speaker.”

The Scottish Parliament voted last week to bring vaccine passports in for nightclubs and larger events from October 1.

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This includes outdoor events of more than 10,000, which will cover football matches involving larger clubs.

Nicola Sturgeon has insisted vaccine passports will “make a difference” reducing the spread of coronavirus but hopes they will not be required for the long term.