A VIDEO of Nicola Sturgeon outlining some of Brexit’s most damaging impacts has gone viral, with many social media users across the UK asking why their politicians are ignoring the points raised.

The clip of the Scottish First Minister was taken from her keynote address to the SNP’s conference, which can be read in full here.

In the clip, Sturgeon calls Brexit a “direct Tory hit on some of Scotland’s key strengths”.

She outlines how leaving the European Union has impacted on the country’s “world-leading food and drink sector” and “brilliant universities”, going on: “The impact on daily life is becoming clear.

“There are already shortages of some foods – yes, really, food shortages in one of the richest countries of the world.

“That is what this Tory government has done – and there may yet be worse to come. The combination of the pandemic and a deeply hostile immigration policy is also causing labour shortages across many sectors.

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“So the short-term costs are very clear – and they are very bad. But even greater damage will be felt in the long-term.

“Compared to continued EU membership, Brexit will make us poorer, year after year.”

It was first shared online by broadcaster Alex Taylor, who paraphrased some of Sturgeon’s speech, adding: “Dear UK opposition parties. THIS from @NicolaSturgeon is how you do it. You name it. You call it out.”

Many replies to the tweet tagged UK opposition parties and leaders, with one account writing: “Well, will you listen @UKLabour @Keir_Starmer @LibDems @TheGreenParty?”

Another added: “If we had an opposition party in England they could say this too...”

Socialist French politician Aleksander Gloglowski added: “#Brexit #UKdeclined. Consequences have to be said. Politicians have to be named and shamed for it!”

The video was lifted by another popular Twitter account which uses the name Graham Simpson.

Sharing it in a new post, Simpson wrote: “Yes you can talk about the damage being caused by Brexit, a lesson for @Keir_Starmer and [LibDem leader] @EdwardJDavey.”

Former Newnight presenter Gavin Esler responded: “It's very sad that this list of profound & obvious Brexit damage is also not being spoken about with such clarity by the official ‘Opposition’ at Westminster. Why? It's hardly a secret.”

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And Tony Blair’s former top spin doctor Alastair Campbell wrote: “The @UKLabour and @LibDems omertà on Brexit helps absolutely nobody but the liars/charlatans who led the campaign for it.

“The costs and consequences of leaving the EU have to be called out consistently because they are doing real damage to the country. The Chief Liar Johnson will accuse both of wanting to reverse Brexit at the next election however many times they deny it. It’s what he does.

“They would get more credit for calling out the truth of what is happening now than they will for cowering in the face of the lies they fear he will tell.”

Further users agreed that Sturgeon’s highlighting of the negative impacts of Brexit put UK party leaders to shame.

One wrote: “What a shame @NicolaSturgeon is not across the dispatch box from @BorisJohnson... I suspect he is quite relieved to have @Keir_Starmer. How weak is @UKLabour that it is unable to address Brexit at all…”

A second added: “At last a leading politician is talking about the damages of Brexit and food shortages in UK. Well done Nicola Sturgeon.”

A third wrote: “Well worth listening to! And why don't we have a rejoin Europe party yet? Even more intriguingly, what's the double whammy that Scotland must be alert to that gets cut off at the end????”

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In the full version, Sturgeon goes on to warn that “Westminster will use all that damage that they have inflicted as an argument for yet more Westminster control”.

She says: “By making us poorer, they’ll say we can’t afford to be independent.

“By cutting our trade with the EU, they’ll say we are too dependent on the rest of the UK.

“They want us to look inwards not outwards. And the reason?

“They know – and are utterly terrified by the prospect – that when we look outwards we see all around us the evidence right there in front of our eyes. The evidence that independence works.”