NICOLA Sturgeon has told anti-vaxxers to "stop putting the health and the well-being of the country at risk" as she slammed their "selfish and irresponsible" behaviour.

The First Minister made the intervention in her speech to the SNP conference, where she encouraged those who had not been jagged to do so, insisting getting vaccinated is "an expression of love and solidarity".

She also said the introduction of vaccine passports in Scotland will be "worth it" if it helps keeps businesses open and avoids extra restrictions.

Sturgeon said getting vaccinated is "the most precious gift any us can give our loved ones".

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Her message came just minutes before the four chief medical officers in the UK recommended that all 12 to 15 year olds should be offered the Covid vaccine.

Ministers in Scotland are now considering their recommendations, though the First Minister has previously signalled her openness towards the policy, citing that others countries such as Ireland are already vaccinating younger teens.

In her closing keynote speech to the SNP conference this afternoon, she said:

"It makes us and them so much safer. To the millions across the country who have rolled up their sleeves - thank you.

The National:

Kevin Mckeon, 14, receives his first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine from vaccinator Geraldine Flynn at the Citywest vaccination centre in Dublin last month.

"To those who haven’t done so yet because you’re worried about things you’ve heard about vaccines, it’s not too late - please drop in to a clinic and speak to an expert. I’m confident they’ll put your mind at rest."

She added: "Lastly, to the small but noisy minority who knowingly spread fear and misinformation about vaccines, I say this - stop being selfish and irresponsible. Stop putting the health and well-being of the country at risk. It’s time to cease and desist.

"Getting vaccinated is an expression of love and solidarity. It is about helping each other, and helping the NHS."

The National:

A protest against vaccines. Nicola Sturgeon has urged anti-vaxxers to stop being selfish and irresponsible.

She added: "As well as getting vaccinated, please keep wearing your face masks, keep washing your hands, keep windows open when you gather indoors, keep a sensible distance from people in other households, and keep working from home if you can.

"All of these basic mitigations make a difference. So too will the limited system of vaccine certification approved by Parliament last week.

"I hope it won’t be necessary for long. But if the simple act of showing that we’ve been vaccinated helps keep businesses open and our lives free of restrictions, then I believe it will be worth it."