NICOLA Sturgeon is set to close the SNP conference with her keynote speech.

The First Minister will address members virtually at the climax of the four-day event.

She is expected to address a range of issues, with independence at the top of the agenda.

This is everything you need to know?

What will the FM talk about?

Sturgeon will ask the UK Government to agree to another Scottish independence referendum "in the spirit of co-operation".

She will tell SNP members that "democracy must – and will – prevail" as she issues a defiant message to Boris Johnson’s government.

"My approach to government and to politics will be, as far as possible, co-operation not confrontation,” the First Minister will say. "The experience of the pandemic and the challenges we face as a result reinforces my view that this is the right approach.

"So it is in that spirit of co-operation that I hope the Scottish and UK governments can reach agreement – as we did in 2014 – to allow the democratic wishes of the people of Scotland to be heard and respected. But, this much is clear: democracy must – and will – prevail."

The National: First Minister Nicola Sturgeon welcomes Prime Minister Boris Johnson outside Bute House in Edinburgh ahead of their meeting in July, 2019 Picture: Jane Barlow/PA Wire

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She will add: "The United Kingdom is after all a voluntary union of nations.

"Until recently no-one seriously challenged the right of the people in Scotland to choose whether or not they wished to become independent.

"Frankly it is not up to a Westminster government which has just six MPs in Scotland to decide our future without the consent of the people who live here.

"As an independent country, co-operation between Scotland and our friends across the rest of the UK will continue, but it will be on a better basis: Scotland will be an equal partner."

What time is the speech?

Sturgeon is due to deliver the closing speech of the SNP conference at 11.50am on Monday September 13.

It will round off session seven and the conference as a whole.

Where can I watch it?

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